A Plethora of Accessories

I love jewelry.  I have 3 specific loves...
1. I LOVE simple every day stuff.  I always want at least little studs in, or 
a simple necklace.
My nest necklace has been my recent favorite!  I sometimes plan what I wear around my necklace because I love it so much! 
2. I SERIOUSLY LOVE the 50's style big beads.  Wear it with a polkadot dress and heels and you're all set =).
Now let's get one thing out in the open.  I do NOT spend a lot on jewelry.  Every necklace in this picture besides the brown one was found at a thrift store...the earrings not included. Through various trips I manage to find matchy matchy stuff.  Some were even clip-ons.  In fact the black, and turquoise earrings were my Grandmother's.  What do I do if I don't want to wear clip-ons (they hurt my ears)?  I take off the backs and glue on posts.  Easy peasy. 
3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE antique and vintage style jewelry.
This BEAUTIFUL stuff was my Grandmother's that recently passed away.  I can't tell you how much I love and cherish it all.
These earrings were my Great Grandmother's.  
I also LOVE making jewelry for people.  My two favorite kinds of necklaces to give are the bird's nests, and the peas in a pod with the amount of kiddos you have.  
This one I gave to my mom.

This one I gave to my Mother-in-law.
This one I made for my sister-in-law.
This one I made for a good friend.
If I haven't given one to you it's because I don't know whether or not you are still having kids =).

Every month I get together with some lovely ladies and play Bunco.  It's really just an excuse to get together to eat and visit, but Nov. was my month to be in charge. I had to do the prizes. I decided to do scarves and necklaces.  
I went a little crazy with the scarves (big surprise).  The 4 main winners were going to get one, but they had to have choices of course, and I had to go through my fabric again to see what I could make a scarf out of, and OF COURSE I needed one of each.  I especially like the houndstooth one because I was able to make from a dress that used to belong to that Grandmother that recently passed away.
I'm really liking the ones that have two colors. 
I was also able to make some FUN FUN headbands, (out of tights) and clips, and bows for a friend finally having her little princess after 3 boys =).  
New creation that makes me happy...button clip.
A couple Halloween bows I sold to the local flower and gift shop.
A couple of other sewing projects I've done recently...
More extender slips.
Someone asked me where I got my slips because they are really hard to find lately.  Thrift store.  It's usually my answer to everything.  Even the lace.  This cream colored one is lace from an old table runner. 
I wanted to give boot socks a try.  It was sooooo easy. I just cut the long sleeves off of an old stretchy shirt, measured the lace around my (abnormally large) calves and sewed it to the sleeves. 
I didn't have sleeves for the white, so I just used some white stretchy fabric I had and made them the same shape as the sleeves. 
So, if you don't want to spend the big bucks on stuff, or just don't have the big bucks...go thrifting and make it =).


Back from one family reunion...and not enjoying the heat...bleh.  I was lazy most of the week trying to recuperate, but yesterday and today I worked on the few orders I had.  So awesome that people have been asking me to make stuff for them that they've seen on Facebook.  I even had one lady that lives in CA that saw a necklace through her niece's Facebook page and ordered one.

These I knew were going to be gifts to people, so I attempted to kind of package them so I wasn't just handing them a necklace.

Then I finally made some for myself.  No, I hadn't yet =).  I've got the pink and the blue bead for my two peas in a pod.  Tegan saw it and asked if I could make one that was pink and purple for me and her in a pod.  Sweet heart!
 My nest of two little eggs. Doesn't fill it up as much as other nests, but I'm pretty happy with it =).

Just some simple black bird earrings. 
A friend asked if I'd make these for her.  She's redecorating her daughter's room and is going to glue them onto a box I think. 

I've been happily busy

I was happy to help a good friend of mine make some flower clips and pins for her daughter's wedding.  She had me come over to show her how to make the infinity scarves and I said they looked really good when you pinned on a flower too.  It's much more fun to make stuff when you're handed the beautiful fabric and know what you're doing it for.  Just thankful I could be a small part of their special day. 

A couple more nest necklaces I made for someone with an order for a couple more from other people.
The improved peas in a pod necklace.  I've got an order for another one of these too. 
So much better than my first attempt.
 Super simple key necklace.  I love it.
Fancier key necklace with earrings.

I think this hair clip/pin is so elegant and simple.  Love old buttons =).

These are the High School colors, and their mascot is a Pirate.
I had sold the other birthday streamer pony so I made Tegan a new one.
I found this super cute owl ribbon, so I had to make another one with that.  
You don't even have to have long hair.  I think they looks so cute just on the side too.

I made my first apron.  I think it turned out pretty cute.
 I like that it's fully lined in the back.

I was able to meet with my shop owner friend again to give her the stuff she had asked for (Patriotic, yellow, and denim flower clips, and owl necklaces with earrings). I showed her some of the other stuff I'd made and she wanted all that too (the bridal clips, other necklaces, school streamer pony tail holders, and even the above apron). It was a GOOD day =).  It's like a dream come true for me to be able to make this stuff and sell it to a shop.  

Fancy Hair Clips

So I tried my hand at some fancier hair clips.  I had some tulle, and a couple flowers and beads I had picked up at the thrift store a while ago.  I think that they turned out really pretty.
The first two are kind of a cream/off-white color, and the last one is white. 

This shows the size a little better.  I imagine them with a curly up-do or hair down and curly with one side back, and pinned in kind of sideways with the tulle and beads going back.  I should take pictures of them in actual hair, but that would require me getting picture ready, and finding a time my husband can be my photographer =).
This last one is my favorite.