Ruffles and Pins

This shirt has a pretty big neck, but never looked quite right with a shirt under it.  So, I cut some strips off of an old white t-shirt, and added some ruffles around the neck.  It looks really cute on.  Sorry about the wrinkly shirt. 

This is a pin I made trying a method I learned from a another girl that did the craft show with us.  It's super easy.  You just take a long strip of cloth, cut long and short triangles all across one side of it, sew and ruffle the other side, then twist it into a circle.  This one is pretty big, but hey, it was my first try.  I think they are way cute!

I probably won't have any more projects to post before Christmas.  I'm getting super excited to go somewhere that it actually feels like Christmas.  It's a little bit harder to get into the spirit of things here when it's 70 degrees, and there aren't any stores or anything with all the decorations and music.  Here we come snow and family!! YAY!!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Make it last a little longer.

These pajamas fit Tegan great (the pants are even a little long) except for in the tummy area.  They also had this fringe that had gotten all ratty, so I cut that off, and added some length. 

Much cuter I think, and now they will last longer.

I lengthened this shirt as well.

And of course I had to make a hair clip. 

I also found some navy blue fabric at the thrift store that melts nicely.  Tegan has a navy dress that I never had hair things to go with.  Now I do =0).

Little Fixes

This is a little black velvet dress I found for Tegan at the thrift store. It fit her great except for the sleeves.  I'm pretty sure they were supposed to be long sleeves, but they were too short on her, and not short enough to be 3/4 sleeves.  They also had lots of detail on them, and the thread on the inside drove her crazy.  So, I cut them off, and cut then into little strips. 

The dress had kind of a v-neck that I didn't really like either, so I added a couple of the ruffled strips to the front. It looks better actually on her. =0)

For the sleeves, I added some gold toned lace.  

I like it a lot better. 

Oh, and of course I made a matching hair clip with the rest of the strips. =0)

I made this red hair clip (with some old shirt scraps) just for fun because I had my sewing machine out.

I also added some lace to this skirt.  I love the colors and pattern, but I seriously could never find a shirt to go with it.  No reds were the same as the red on the skirt, and I just couldn't find anything that looked right.  It was also a tad short for comfort, so I took out the hem  and sewed on this off white lace in hopes that I'll be able to match more things with it.  I left the bottom of the skirt hem raggedy on purpose.  I'm hoping it will kind of fray in the washer. Eh, we'll see if I like it I guess. 

I hope everybody has a FABULOUS Thanksgiving.  I'm super excited to have family come, and of course for all the yummy food.  I LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!  

To sell or not to sell?

Well, the Pomegranate Festival went...ok.  I did sell some bows, and I did make a little bit of money.  It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.  Not because of the money (I admit I probably would have had more fun if they were selling better), but because I love all my bows so much, and I guess other people didn't love them enough to buy them =0(.  On the other hand, it didn't seem like anybody did really great.

My mom is doing a Craft Bazaar/fund raiser thingy in Oregon the first week of December and she convinced me to send her most of the bows I didn't sell so that she could try to sell them.  I did keep quite a few.  Tegan has more than enough hair accessories now.  My question I even want to try to sell bows off my blog or not? I'd probably wait to see how they sell in December, but I don't know if I even want to at all. I just think I'll probably keep making them because I enjoy it so much, but we don't need anymore, and I would just give them all away as gifts, but then I'd never have the funds to make any more.

Would anybody ever really buy any off this blog?  That is the real question.

It's time for the Pomegranate Festival.

These are the last few I squeezed in before I just ran out of time.  I would have done more.  I still have more ideas floating around in my head. 

 Christmasy Bow

 These are the smallest ones I've made. 

The Elementary School colors.

 These two are pins.

And for the grand total....drum roll please......

114 BOWS! 

All taged, priced, and ready for a new home.  I will miss a lot of them.  Pricing everything was the hardest part for me.  Ranging from $1.50 to $8.00 as the highest, hopefully they are all reasonably priced. Wish me luck.  It should be a lot of fun. 

Fabric Flowers

These are super cute, and super easy.  Sorry about the blurry pictures, but I'm too lazy to take more =0). 

The top four are pins.

 The rest are hair clips.

 Tegan tolerated/ingnored me long enough to put a few hair things in her hair so you could see what size they are. 

 Here's some more of the melted flowers I said I was going to do.  I could do more, but I don't know if I'll get the chance.

More head bands.

I think the denim flowers are cute cute.

We are going out of town over Halloween for 6 days. The kids have 3 off of school, so we were like "let's get out of here". =0)  We won't get back until Tuesday night, and then the Festival is on Friday and Saturday.  I may not have time to do any more.  Wish me luck, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 

These are the latest

I love love love ribbon bows.  Especially the pink ones, and the purple one, ok...all of them. =0)

More lace flowers.  Some of them are for hair, and some are pins.

A little bit dressier twisted bib necklace. You can't really tell in the picture, but all the fabrics are shiny.

I'll be making a lot more, and a variety of these melted white flowers.

I've also got some different headband ideas.  I just need to go buy some more headbands.

Oh, I made a button!  I'm so excited about it.  I always thought everybody's blog buttons were so cute and fun, but I thought for sure it would be too hard for me to make one.  Well, I found a really great tutorial here, and made my own adorable brightly colored button (doesn't match the fall style blog right now =0)).  Here it is. You can get the link from the grab box on the top right hand side of my blog.  YAY! 


Bows, Bows, and more Bows!

Ok, here are a bunch of the bows I've been working on for the Craft Fair. 

It took some bribing to get Tegan to let me take pictures of her wearing all the bows.  I promised I'd buy her a donut after school tomorrow if she let me do all of them, and she didn't wine or complain too much.   She gets her donut, but she's definitely not happy in some of them, and her smile is forced in others. I think the bows look so much cuter when they are actually on a head though, and I wanted to get a picture of them all because they are all pretty much one of a kind.  

These are from the previous post.

These I made a while ago, and are also on a previous post I believe.  They are so little.  You'll see as we go that my bows just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I don't realize how big they are until they are on Tegan's head. 

          Again, this is an older one, but I wanted to take a picture because I'll probably put it in the sale. 
A little Halloween lace flower.  It looks like a little hat. 

This one used to be just the black bow in the previous post, but I added the flower and button.

This one makes her look like a Christmas present.  It's MASSIVE.

There are a few headbands.

I thought this green flower from the previous post made a cute headband.

This is another huge bow.

These are a few of my favorites that I don't know if I can bring myself to sell =0).
Watermelon Bow.
Love this one.

Josh tells me I should sell them all, and then I can use the money to make some I really love, but  I really love some of these =0).

These are to prove that they are not all just for little girls.

This is my favorite head band.

Bib necklaces.

What do you think?  I've gotta make some more, but what do you guys think about prices and stuff?  I may even try to sell some off the blog after the craft fair. Who knows.