Another quick sewing fix

First off I want you to know that I felt completely ridiculous posing for these pictures, and I now feel completely ridiculous posting them, but all well right.

This is a little red dress I got at Wal-mart for like $3.00 I think. I had gotten the black leggings for that much a while ago, and so I'm always on the look out for stuff that I could wear with them. Obviously this dress is too short to be an actual dress. It came with a weird thin red and gold belt, so I added a big black one I grabbed at the thrift store.

The adjustment I made was to the sleeves. They were a little big around my arm, and kind of stuck out. I'm sure everybody has a few shirts like that. So, I just ruffled them. It's super easy. I've done it to a few shirts now.

You can get elastic thread at Wal-mart, and you just hand wind your bobbin with it, and use regular thread on top. Instead of going back and forth to keep your seem in place, you leave them loose so that you can adjust the tightness if needed, and then you hand tie it together afterwards. No more loose sleeves.

Thanks to my seven year old son for being my photographer...haha.

Hair Cuts

Ok, so hair cuts might not seem like much of a project, but for me it was this time. I attempted something I have never tried before. I layered Tegan's hair =0).

I have always cut Josh and Enoch's hair. My mom cut my dad and five brother's hair all my life so when I got married I asked her to show me how to do it so that I could learn. It definitely saves us some money. Josh wants his hair cut ALL THE TIME.

Enoch's is nice and short for summer. I like it a little better longer on top, but it will grow back before school starts. It's just so hot right now, and no matter how much stuff you put in his hair if he gets hot and sweaty it goes POOF. Even when it's this short it's foofy at the end of the day. What a handsome toothless boy.

I have cut Tegan's hair in the past, but just one length. I've seen my hair layered a million times, so I knew what to do. I was just never brave enough. Her hair was starting to get kind of straggly though because some of it would curl, and some of it wouldn't. So, I was feeling ambitious, and I just did it. I think it's adorable.

Now she has the perfect wave. If I sound jealous of my daughter's hair it's because I am...haha. She didn't have hair until she was 2, but it's always been so beautiful.

Maybe someday I'll actually learn how to cut hair for real.

My latest projects

I decided because I'm having so much fun with my new sewing machine, and I'm so proud of myself...I just had to share some of my latest projects. I haven't sewn anything from the beginning yet, with patterns and all. I have just done lots of modifications. I've hemmed a lot of pants, and taken in the sides of shirts that didn't fit right, and altered some stuff. I've always gotten a great sense of satisfaction when buying or getting clothes that need a little love, or that I wouldn't use otherwise, and fixing them. Even if it's just that they have a small hole. I get most of our clothes at thrift stores or clothing swaps, so that's why I have stuff that I end up with that doesn't fit, or work the way it is.

Anyway, here we go. Sorry about the blurry, and not so great pictures. Photography is not a talent I possess.

This is a long black shirt I had that always had to have a shirt under it, and the sleeves were still a little too short for comfort.
I took a cute little pink and black polka-dotted shirt (that was too small) that came with a cute black vest and took the vest off to wear with whatever I want, cut up the shirt, and attached it to the needed places on the black shirt. Then I added a few ruffles at the neck and sleeves with some elastic thread, and with extra fabric and a black button, I made a matching to pin. This one is unfortunately cuter laying then it is on =0(.

This is a pink shirt I had that again, always had to have a shirt under it, because it was too short.

So I took a white and pink polka-dotted shirt that was too small, cut off the bottom, and attached it to the bottom of the pink shirt. The pink dots happened to match the other pink perfectly.
Then I took the extra material, and a pink bead, and made a pin to match.
Both of the shirts are a lot cooler now that I don't have to layer.

I don't have any before pictures. Sorry. When I get the idea in my head I just kind of do it.

This one was a little jumper I grabbed. I thought maybe I'd wear it with a white shirt under it, and black leggings, because on me it would be a super short mini dress. Anyway, it didn't fit right, so I cut the top off, and made it into a skirt. Add a thick black ruffly belt, and you're set.

This one started as a jumper as well. Kind of a funny style, and a weird length on me, so I never wore it, but I loved the colors and pattern. I finally figured out what to do with it. I cut off the bottom, and made myself a long drawstring skirt. Love it!

I'm limited in my thread colors still, so you can see the white thread around the top, but that will always be covered by a shirt anyway.

I also cut off the top of a black velvet dress I've had forever, and just made it into a long skirt.

Now onto Tegan fun =0). My mom gave me a few things that my grandmother was giving away. Older styles, and stuff that wouldn't fit, but I looked at it all and thought.... project.

The first is a dark maroon skirt that fit around my waist, but was too short, and not my style. So I cut it down, sewed it back together, and made a skirt for Tegan.
It looks like she has no arms, but they are behind her back.

She LOVES it. It's a really flowy material, so she calls it her princess skirt. She's been wearing it off and on for 3 days now.

This next one was a big collared shirt, but I thought it had a cute fake eyelet pattern. I cut off the top, and made a kind of bubble skirt for Tegan.
It's a little weird I know. I didn't actually know what I was doing. I just made it up as I went along.

This next one is so cute. It was a blue skirt of my grandma's that when my mom pulled out, Tegan wanted to dress up in. As soon as she put it on, I saw jumper. So, I cut it to fit her, and added some straps.
The straps are from the blue plaid jumper I made myself the drawstring skirt out of.

My sister-in-law and I swap kids clothes, so they go through a few kids, and start to get pretty worn out. This was a pair of jeans that were starting to get holes in the knees, and they were just too adorable to cut up, or get rid of, so I attempted patches. I thought they turned out pretty good. I just did it by hand, and I knew they'd do the frayed look on the edges. They've been through the wash a few times. So far so good.

Knowing that I could do patches, I got another pair of really nice jeans that got a little hole in the knee, took the leftover fabric from that blue plaid jumper =0), folded it into rectangles, and sewed them on.

They are still a little big on Tegan, so the patches look too low.

I think mostly everybody has seen these, but I thought I'd post them anyway. It's a couple big lace flowers that I just hot glued together. I made one into a clip for Tegan that she's worn a few times, and one into a big pin for me...that I have yet to wear =0). Here's the tutorial on how to make them if you want to try it. They are super easy. My mom just grabbed me a bunch of new lace at the thrift store so I'm excited to do more stuff.

Well, that's all the most recent stuff. I'll post again if I do anything else.

Here's a site that is always so fun to go to and see what she has created, or saved from older stuff. She's definitely more talented than I, but I find it all very inspirational. Ruffles and Stuff