Another quick sewing fix

First off I want you to know that I felt completely ridiculous posing for these pictures, and I now feel completely ridiculous posting them, but all well right.

This is a little red dress I got at Wal-mart for like $3.00 I think. I had gotten the black leggings for that much a while ago, and so I'm always on the look out for stuff that I could wear with them. Obviously this dress is too short to be an actual dress. It came with a weird thin red and gold belt, so I added a big black one I grabbed at the thrift store.

The adjustment I made was to the sleeves. They were a little big around my arm, and kind of stuck out. I'm sure everybody has a few shirts like that. So, I just ruffled them. It's super easy. I've done it to a few shirts now.

You can get elastic thread at Wal-mart, and you just hand wind your bobbin with it, and use regular thread on top. Instead of going back and forth to keep your seem in place, you leave them loose so that you can adjust the tightness if needed, and then you hand tie it together afterwards. No more loose sleeves.

Thanks to my seven year old son for being my photographer...haha.

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