Hair Cuts

Ok, so hair cuts might not seem like much of a project, but for me it was this time. I attempted something I have never tried before. I layered Tegan's hair =0).

I have always cut Josh and Enoch's hair. My mom cut my dad and five brother's hair all my life so when I got married I asked her to show me how to do it so that I could learn. It definitely saves us some money. Josh wants his hair cut ALL THE TIME.

Enoch's is nice and short for summer. I like it a little better longer on top, but it will grow back before school starts. It's just so hot right now, and no matter how much stuff you put in his hair if he gets hot and sweaty it goes POOF. Even when it's this short it's foofy at the end of the day. What a handsome toothless boy.

I have cut Tegan's hair in the past, but just one length. I've seen my hair layered a million times, so I knew what to do. I was just never brave enough. Her hair was starting to get kind of straggly though because some of it would curl, and some of it wouldn't. So, I was feeling ambitious, and I just did it. I think it's adorable.

Now she has the perfect wave. If I sound jealous of my daughter's hair it's because I am...haha. She didn't have hair until she was 2, but it's always been so beautiful.

Maybe someday I'll actually learn how to cut hair for real.

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