I made my ruffle shirt.

So, I went ahead and attempted the ruffle shirt tutorial I saw on

All I had was a red shirt that said "I still believe in Santa" on the front (which I didn't feel like I could wear anymore because the kids now know that Santa isn't real, and I could only wear it at Christmas time anyway), and an old blue shirt to work with, but I REALLY wanted to try a ruffle shirt. So, here's what I ended up with.

I think the ruffles are BEAUTIFUL!

However, when I put it on, it did not look good AT ALL. Probably the combination of the two colors, and the higher neck. It kind of looked like I had a great big ruffly bib on. I had worked so hard on it though, and the ruffles were so pretty, that I couldn't just give up. So....I chopped it up. Yes, I really did. I cut it all to pieces, resized it, added a few more ruffles, and made a dress for Tegan =0).

She can totally pull it off.

Of course I had to make a hair thing with the left over fabric to match.

I said she kind of looked like she could be a Dr. Seuss Character, so Enoch grabbed his Cat in the Hat hat, and now they are reading Dr. Seuss books together.

Lace and ruffles = happiness =0)

With this little cardigan of Tegan's I added a couple rows of lace on the front, and then I shortened the sleeves and added a couple layers of lace on those too. The back looks funny because I had to take it in a little. It was way too bulky in the back. It was also missing the top button, and since I didn't have any extra yellow buttons to match, I just made a little lace flower. I don't think I like the flower though.

Another pair of cute socks.

I added two rows of some thicker lace to this little skirt to make it a tiny bit longer, and to look cute I guess.

I also added the thicker lace to these sleeves.

Tegan wore this yesterday.

I had a bunch more thinner lace left over so I added four rows to this skirt.

I used my antiquey looking lace to sew a couple rows at the bottom of these cut offs, and added some buttons. You could even use some for a belt.

I like that it totally matches the hair thing I made when I went bow crazy.

I also added some to this simple brown v-neck I got at the thrift store.

Now for the ruffles.

I cut two long strips from an old white t-shirt, sewed a loose straight line down the center of them, pulled the top thread to ruffle them up, and then sewed them to the sleeves of my shirt.

This is actually after it went through the washer and dryer. The wash ruffled it up nicely.

With Tegan's shirt, I actually sewed the strips together inside out, and then you turn them right side out, and continue with the sewing and ruffling. It makes a more poofy ruffle, rather then a ragged edged ruffle. Does that make sense?

I kept wondering if I should try to add stuff around the neckline too, but Tegan didn't want me to, and with mine it would be almost too much embellishment I think.

This one I love! It's just a pink shirt that was stained, and that I was probably going to turn into a pajama shirt for Tegan, but I decided to experiment instead. I did long ruffle strips like the ones I added to the sleeves of my white shirt above, and then I added some flowers with extra fabric pieces from various projects, including the leftover sleeve material from the yellow cardigan I just added lace to.

This is also after it was washed.

What I REALLY want to be able to do someday are the shirts from this lady's blog.... Tea Rose Home. She buys two of the same shirt on a sale, cuts one up, and makes the prettiest shirts ever. Here's a couple of my favorites.

Everything I've seen on her site is AMAZING though. I just need to wait until I have a little more fundage to go buy shirts that are the same color, and such. I've just been using whatever I can get my hands on for free, or super super super cheap.
Go check it out.

Ok, on a side note. I know it must seem like I'm completely spoiling Tegan, but it's just because she's the little girl. I can't exactly make Enoch hair things, or put ruffles or lace on any of his clothes. I haven't done anything for Josh either besides hem up his pants, and stitch up the holes in his church socks =0). I would make Enoch some pajama pants like I did for Tegan, except that he actually has tons of pajama pants already. Any ideas on what I could do for him, so that he doesn't start to feel left out?

Misc. projects

Here's a few things I've been up to.

Big sticky outy sleeves...

into cute ruffled sleeves. It looks better on an actual arm =0).

Basic hem job on some exercise pants that were too short.

I just made them into capris, and wasn't too worried about the thread matching or how they looked since they are just for exercise.

I found this waist (not hips) belt at the thrift store. It actually used to just have those rings on it, and I didn't think that looked very good, so I took them off, cut off the excess fabric, and made a flower pin to connect it.

When am I EVER going to wear a gold sequined belt. Not a clue, but it was so pretty and shiny...haha. It's actually really cute with just a black shirt.

Here are the clips I had started with that left over material from the black sweater I redid. One of the black flowers and the poof are clips, but the other black flower is a pin.

I changed the lighting in the picture so that you could see the detail better.

Wear them separate.

Or put on a head band, and wear them together.

Well, I had nothing left to fix, or change so I made Tegan some pajama pants. I basically just used some of her other pajama pants as my pattern. Someday I'll learn how to sew from an actual pattern, but I pull all that paper out with all that writing and my head almost explodes. =0)

She doesn't like how she hardly has any matching pajamas so I took a t-shirt, and just put the little bit of extra hello kitty material across the front to make it look like a set.

Now of course she wants to wear pajamas all day.

Sewing Day

I had a sewing day yesterday. It was actually kind of frustrating at first. I woke up at 6:00...WAY TOO EARLY for me, and couldn't get back to sleep because I had ideas going through my head of what I wanted to do to some stuff. So I got out of bed, and got started. I actually took some before pictures this time.

This is just a pink shirt of Tegan's that had a big hole in the front. I attempted to sew it up, but it looked awful.

So I cut a strip out where the hole was, cut a strip of an old white t-shirt, and sewed it on. Then I used some scraps of an old shirt I had cut the bottom off for another project and made a little flower. The flower kind of looks like a target, but I'm hoping after the fabric rolls or crinkles up a little it'll look better.

This is an old black sweater of my grandmothers. I got it from my mom the same time as that other stuff I modified for Tegan, but I was just going to give this one away. I kind of liked the fringy stuff, but didn't know what I was going to do with it. I was feeling brave though, so here's what I did.

I cut the fringy stuff off, took a bunch of the bulk out of the sides all the way from the bottom through to the sleeves, shortened the sleeves, and then added the fringe back on in different places. So, now it's a more fitted open cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. I added the sleeve fringe back on, then I took the buttons off of one strip of fringe and put it around the neckline, and the other strip that had the button holes I twisted around and made the flower poof on the front.

This is a shirt I grabbed at the thrift store for like 25 cents. It was a back to school sale $3.00 bag day. I got the kids a bunch of school clothes. Anyway, when I got it home it was way too big around, but cute on top.

So I went around it a couple times with elastic thread so that it's fitted under the chest, and took out a couple inches of the bottom on each side. Now, it fits great.

This was a black Down East crew tee that is nice and long, but the neck was so high, so I didn't like to wear it under stuff, and the sleeves are so short I didn't want to just wear it by itself. I decided to try to fix the neckline. I cut out the origional neckline, and pinned it down, and sewed a couple stiches around it.

Then I added some elastic thread across the front for the ruffle look. It's super cute.

I like the black one so much I decided to do it to one of my white shirts, but on this one I also took out the seems of the sleeves and did the elastic thing around them too. Now I have a cute white shirt to go under jumpers and stuff.

I even made a couple more hair things. I saw this done somewhere and decided this shiny glittery fabric left over from Tegan's old cinderella costume that my mom made would be perfect. You cut out the circles then burn the edges with a lighter to make them kind of curl up, and not fray. Hot glue them together and wah lah (hmmm, I don't know how to spell that).

Tegan still in her pajamas, and hair not done, because I spent all day sewing...he he.

I was going to try the circle flower with some left over black sweater too, but I had to stop...you know to make dinner, and clean up. I'll post it when I get them done.