Bow crazy!

Ok, I went a little crazy yesterday making hair things for Tegan. I'm talking hours. My poor family. I was in my own little world, but my creative juices were flowing, and I had the I didn't want to stop.

Here's some of the smaller ones.

These kind were in style when I was a kid. I used to make them and try to sell them at craft shows when I was like...I don't know...9 or something. I still think they are pretty though.

Here's some more lace ones that I made out of the lace my mom grabbed at a thrift store.

These are fun. The green ones are actually a clip, and a pin (I may have to borrow them), and then there's another long green ribbon to match that can go around the waist of a dress or something.
I like the red one. It looks like a Christmas present ribbon.

Big bows with some of my favorite ribbons I had. I LOVE RIBBON!!

These have a longer piece to use as a headband, and then you clip the flower on to keep it in place.

More of the lace my mom got. It looks old fashioned. Pretty pretty.

This is to give you an idea of how big some of the bigger clips are.

She is all set for Kindergarten.

Josh says I should sell them, but I want to keep them all =0).
Like I said. I went a little crazy, and these are just the ones I made yesterday. She's got lots of big flowers, and other stuff I've made or gotten in the past, and some headbands.

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