I made my ruffle shirt.

So, I went ahead and attempted the ruffle shirt tutorial I saw on

All I had was a red shirt that said "I still believe in Santa" on the front (which I didn't feel like I could wear anymore because the kids now know that Santa isn't real, and I could only wear it at Christmas time anyway), and an old blue shirt to work with, but I REALLY wanted to try a ruffle shirt. So, here's what I ended up with.

I think the ruffles are BEAUTIFUL!

However, when I put it on, it did not look good AT ALL. Probably the combination of the two colors, and the higher neck. It kind of looked like I had a great big ruffly bib on. I had worked so hard on it though, and the ruffles were so pretty, that I couldn't just give up. So....I chopped it up. Yes, I really did. I cut it all to pieces, resized it, added a few more ruffles, and made a dress for Tegan =0).

She can totally pull it off.

Of course I had to make a hair thing with the left over fabric to match.

I said she kind of looked like she could be a Dr. Seuss Character, so Enoch grabbed his Cat in the Hat hat, and now they are reading Dr. Seuss books together.

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