Lace and ruffles = happiness =0)

With this little cardigan of Tegan's I added a couple rows of lace on the front, and then I shortened the sleeves and added a couple layers of lace on those too. The back looks funny because I had to take it in a little. It was way too bulky in the back. It was also missing the top button, and since I didn't have any extra yellow buttons to match, I just made a little lace flower. I don't think I like the flower though.

Another pair of cute socks.

I added two rows of some thicker lace to this little skirt to make it a tiny bit longer, and to look cute I guess.

I also added the thicker lace to these sleeves.

Tegan wore this yesterday.

I had a bunch more thinner lace left over so I added four rows to this skirt.

I used my antiquey looking lace to sew a couple rows at the bottom of these cut offs, and added some buttons. You could even use some for a belt.

I like that it totally matches the hair thing I made when I went bow crazy.

I also added some to this simple brown v-neck I got at the thrift store.

Now for the ruffles.

I cut two long strips from an old white t-shirt, sewed a loose straight line down the center of them, pulled the top thread to ruffle them up, and then sewed them to the sleeves of my shirt.

This is actually after it went through the washer and dryer. The wash ruffled it up nicely.

With Tegan's shirt, I actually sewed the strips together inside out, and then you turn them right side out, and continue with the sewing and ruffling. It makes a more poofy ruffle, rather then a ragged edged ruffle. Does that make sense?

I kept wondering if I should try to add stuff around the neckline too, but Tegan didn't want me to, and with mine it would be almost too much embellishment I think.

This one I love! It's just a pink shirt that was stained, and that I was probably going to turn into a pajama shirt for Tegan, but I decided to experiment instead. I did long ruffle strips like the ones I added to the sleeves of my white shirt above, and then I added some flowers with extra fabric pieces from various projects, including the leftover sleeve material from the yellow cardigan I just added lace to.

This is also after it was washed.

What I REALLY want to be able to do someday are the shirts from this lady's blog.... Tea Rose Home. She buys two of the same shirt on a sale, cuts one up, and makes the prettiest shirts ever. Here's a couple of my favorites.

Everything I've seen on her site is AMAZING though. I just need to wait until I have a little more fundage to go buy shirts that are the same color, and such. I've just been using whatever I can get my hands on for free, or super super super cheap.
Go check it out.

Ok, on a side note. I know it must seem like I'm completely spoiling Tegan, but it's just because she's the little girl. I can't exactly make Enoch hair things, or put ruffles or lace on any of his clothes. I haven't done anything for Josh either besides hem up his pants, and stitch up the holes in his church socks =0). I would make Enoch some pajama pants like I did for Tegan, except that he actually has tons of pajama pants already. Any ideas on what I could do for him, so that he doesn't start to feel left out?

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