Misc. projects

Here's a few things I've been up to.

Big sticky outy sleeves...

into cute ruffled sleeves. It looks better on an actual arm =0).

Basic hem job on some exercise pants that were too short.

I just made them into capris, and wasn't too worried about the thread matching or how they looked since they are just for exercise.

I found this waist (not hips) belt at the thrift store. It actually used to just have those rings on it, and I didn't think that looked very good, so I took them off, cut off the excess fabric, and made a flower pin to connect it.

When am I EVER going to wear a gold sequined belt. Not a clue, but it was so pretty and shiny...haha. It's actually really cute with just a black shirt.

Here are the clips I had started with that left over material from the black sweater I redid. One of the black flowers and the poof are clips, but the other black flower is a pin.

I changed the lighting in the picture so that you could see the detail better.

Wear them separate.

Or put on a head band, and wear them together.

Well, I had nothing left to fix, or change so I made Tegan some pajama pants. I basically just used some of her other pajama pants as my pattern. Someday I'll learn how to sew from an actual pattern, but I pull all that paper out with all that writing and my head almost explodes. =0)

She doesn't like how she hardly has any matching pajamas so I took a t-shirt, and just put the little bit of extra hello kitty material across the front to make it look like a set.

Now of course she wants to wear pajamas all day.

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