Jewelry for me =0)

I haven't done a ton of sewing lately. My biggest project was this...

Isn't it beautiful?

A couple days ago I did put together some jewelry. I grabbed this old string of cream colored beads, and this pink ribbon from the thrift store. I think it turned out really cute. I just don't know if I have anything to wear it with.

I bought some brown and red beads at Walmart last time I was there to add some more color to my jewelry. I get tired of wearing just black, or silver. I played around with ribbon on these too...stringing the beads with the ribbon, and tying knots in between each bead, and stuff like that but I just kept going back to the simple strand of plain beads. It'll go with more outfits, and it just looked better. If I had an unending supply of beads maybe I'd do some more styles, but I don't.

Same thing happened with the red, but then I did decide I wanted to use some lace with the red beads, so instead of making a bracelet to go with this set....

I used the extra to make this lace necklace, and some earrings to match.

I also redid this necklace that I already had. The metal stuff or whatever it is was chipping off the wire, so I took it apart, and added a few more beads to to make it a little longer. I like it better than it was.

I plan on making a couple of hair things soon...just because I want to. =0)

Kids aprons

The other day when I was working on stuff, Enoch DID say "Mom, why don't you make me anything?", which I was worried would happen. So, I took out a simplicity pattern for some easy pajama pants and made him some shorts. Yes, it was my first actual pattern, and it was what I thought it would be. Hard to read. Even though I think it's the easiest one out there. I guess I just need to learn more sewing lingo, but it was easier for me to look at the pictures and then just try from that. I have to say, they turned out about as good as if I would have just done it without a pattern =0). He sleeps in them.

Tegan decided the other day after watching Strawberry Shortcake that she wanted to have her own cooking show that would be on the TV just like they did on the show. Her dad being the coolest dad EVER said "OK honey, let's do it". He has planned it all out with her. They'll do it today after she gets home from school, and he'll video tape her doing her own cooking show. She's pretty excited, but she said "what about an apron and a cooking hat?" The cooking hat will probably be made out of paper and plastic sacks, but I whipped her up an apron this morning while she was at school. I think it turned out pretty cute.

She can choose which side she wants to wear.

Knowing that Enoch will want to do his own cooking show as well, and so that he didn't feel left out, I made him one with the left over material from his shorts. I didn't want to have to make straps out of the material, but I also didn't want to use ribbon for a boy, so I just found what I could for his neck and waist ties.

A couple dresses

I have a couple dresses that are kinda old, and not really in style anymore, but still look cute with the right shirt or cardigan and accessories. I don't wear them much though, because there are other dresses I'd rather wear ya know? So, I decided it was ok to try something new.

Being tall, dresses often fit me a little shorter then I think they are supposed to. That's the story with these two dresses, so first I cut the bottom off.

Then I cut that piece of fabric into two strips, one a little thicker then the other so that I could hem one side of it. Then I sewed them together to make one really long strip.

The most time consuming part was the folding and pinning and folding and pinning to make the pleated ruffle.

Sew it together, iron it flat, and this is what it looks like.

I'm not sure I love the finished product. It's still kind of a weird length. I didn't take into account that I'd be adding some length back on when I measured where to cut.

I do like how the flower dress turned out though.

It's a more flowy material so the ruffles lay nicely, and I shortened this one a little more knowing I'd be adding ruffles, so it hits right below the knee.