Bows, Bows, and more Bows!

Ok, here are a bunch of the bows I've been working on for the Craft Fair. 

It took some bribing to get Tegan to let me take pictures of her wearing all the bows.  I promised I'd buy her a donut after school tomorrow if she let me do all of them, and she didn't wine or complain too much.   She gets her donut, but she's definitely not happy in some of them, and her smile is forced in others. I think the bows look so much cuter when they are actually on a head though, and I wanted to get a picture of them all because they are all pretty much one of a kind.  

These are from the previous post.

These I made a while ago, and are also on a previous post I believe.  They are so little.  You'll see as we go that my bows just keep getting bigger and bigger.  I don't realize how big they are until they are on Tegan's head. 

          Again, this is an older one, but I wanted to take a picture because I'll probably put it in the sale. 
A little Halloween lace flower.  It looks like a little hat. 

This one used to be just the black bow in the previous post, but I added the flower and button.

This one makes her look like a Christmas present.  It's MASSIVE.

There are a few headbands.

I thought this green flower from the previous post made a cute headband.

This is another huge bow.

These are a few of my favorites that I don't know if I can bring myself to sell =0).
Watermelon Bow.
Love this one.

Josh tells me I should sell them all, and then I can use the money to make some I really love, but  I really love some of these =0).

These are to prove that they are not all just for little girls.

This is my favorite head band.

Bib necklaces.

What do you think?  I've gotta make some more, but what do you guys think about prices and stuff?  I may even try to sell some off the blog after the craft fair. Who knows.


Jed Wheeler Family said...

Very cute! I can't wait! The headbands are my favorite.

Amanda said...

These are so fantastic! You totally pull off the bib necklaces!