I need some help

First off, I just wasn't happy with the korker bows I made.  They were my first try, and they were just too long so they would hang weird.  I fixed them =0).  Here are the before and after pictures.

Much Better.

I have alway thought those twisty cloth bib necklaces are so cute.  Check this baby out.

Yes...I made it, and yes...I am so proud of myself.  Haha.

Will I ever wear it?  I don't know.  I'll probably try to sell it at the Pomegranate Festival (like a craft fair kind of thing) that I've decided to do with some other ladies.  This is where I need your help.  Here are just a few of the bows I've made.  This is stuff with the left over fabric or ribbon I had, and I'm waiting now for a big old package of lace, and ribbon, and fabric that my mom so graciously offered to send me (woo hoo!) and then I'll make lots more, and probably cuter ones.  

These are always hard to see in pictures.  It's a black lace flower.

My questions are:

 1.  How much should I charge?  They are all pretty big...at least 3 inches around...some bigger.  What would you pay?  I don't really buy stuff from craft fairs at all, and I obviously make my own bows, so I really have NO IDEA what is a good and reasonable price.  

2.  Should I use alligator clips, or french barrettes?  I find that the barrettes stay better in my daughters hair, but some people like the alligator clips for smaller kids, or to put on head bands and stuff.  Should I use some of both?  

3.  Should I display them all on a table, or should I figure out how to hang them up?  Probably get more attention if hanging, but easier to look at on a table??

HELP ME!!!!  

Seriously, I'd really appreciate any input anybody can give me.  Thanks so much.  


Anonymous said...

love the pink one with the white crystal I would charge at least 3-6 dollars they are so cute.

Melanie said...

Your bows are darling. I personally paid $7.50 for a set of korker bows that I HAD to have for Kennedy's picture day outfit last year. Where are you selling them?

I'll try and give you a call this week.

Amanda said...

I did some research on etsy. $3.50 was the absolute lowest. Most were like $6-$8. Yours are super cute. But, being able to make them myself, I've never bought any bows. Good luck! They are super, duper cute! I love the little purple round, button clips!

Most people go with the alligator clip - and you can add non-slip stuff - it's just that foamy type stuff you can bye as place mats or non-slip mats to put under lamps and pots and things. You can find it anywhere - including the dollar store. Agian, I've never tried them, I use the other kind like you because they stay better. But most people like the flexability of being able to put them on headbands and even shoes.

Telisha said...

I'm just selling them at a craft fair, which makes me think maybe I shouldn't price them too hight. I'm thinking around $4.00 for the biggest ones, and the smaller ones like $2.00? What about the fabric bib necklaces? Could they be as much as like $8.00, or is that too much?