I said I was going to make some more hair things.

My only little sewing job today was adding some lace to the bottom of this little dress. It's one of my sister-in-laws, so I hope she doesn't mind too terribly when I give it back...he he. =0)

Tegan looks so cute in it, and it still fits great, but looks a little too short. I grabbed this really thick lace at the thrift store, so I just sewed it around the bottom, and it really does make it look a lot longer. Tegan loves it. She loves lace.

This is a dress that I did a while ago. In fact, it was one of my first alterations, if you can even call it that. It's another one from my sister-in-law that goes through the whole "underground clothing exchange" as my husband likes to call it, so it had been through one kid already. It had a row of ribbon at the bottom that was tearing off. I wanted it to be able to go through the next 3 little girls in the clothing exchange =0), so I fixed it.

Instead of trying to find the exact color of the off white, or cream colored ribbon...I decided to use pink.

Then I added flowers so that the pink looked like it was supposed to be there. =0)

I put these together real quick. My jewelry stands are on my desk, so when I'm sitting there doing my hair I always think about how I can change things. These were on a necklace with other pink beads, and they kind of didn't match the others, and I knew they'd make pretty earrings.

This is a strip of cloth I cut off of something, and I didn't know what else to do with it, so I made a little flower pin.

These were fun.

This was my first attempt at a korker bow. I don't know why they are called that, but I have seen them and thought they were so cute. I was always nervous to try it because you have to bake the ribbon. It's actually really easy. Maybe a little time consuming, but easy. I thought it would really only work with grosgrain ribbon, because that's all I've ever seen used, and this green was all I had. It's cute.

I decided, however, to just try my pink shiny ribbon, and made this one. LOVE IT!

I'm running out of places to put Tegan's hair stuff. Again, people are telling me to sell them, but they are all different, and I want them all for variety ya know. I'm so silly.

You may wonder how I have the time to do all of this stuff. I don't really. When I have a craft day, or even part of a day, my house goes to pot, Josh has to make dinner, and the poor kids get neglected. Sigh.


Samantha Furden said...

you are soo talented!

Amanda said...

These are soooo cute! You never have to worry if I'll like what you alter on the kids clothes - it's always so cute! Thanks! I LOVE the Butterfully Hair Clip - the others are really cute too!!!