These are the latest

I love love love ribbon bows.  Especially the pink ones, and the purple one, ok...all of them. =0)

More lace flowers.  Some of them are for hair, and some are pins.

A little bit dressier twisted bib necklace. You can't really tell in the picture, but all the fabrics are shiny.

I'll be making a lot more, and a variety of these melted white flowers.

I've also got some different headband ideas.  I just need to go buy some more headbands.

Oh, I made a button!  I'm so excited about it.  I always thought everybody's blog buttons were so cute and fun, but I thought for sure it would be too hard for me to make one.  Well, I found a really great tutorial here, and made my own adorable brightly colored button (doesn't match the fall style blog right now =0)).  Here it is. You can get the link from the grab box on the top right hand side of my blog.  YAY! 


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Amanda said...

I love the ribbon bows to, but I think my favorite are the melted edged. I would wear them :) These are beautiful!