To sell or not to sell?

Well, the Pomegranate Festival went...ok.  I did sell some bows, and I did make a little bit of money.  It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.  Not because of the money (I admit I probably would have had more fun if they were selling better), but because I love all my bows so much, and I guess other people didn't love them enough to buy them =0(.  On the other hand, it didn't seem like anybody did really great.

My mom is doing a Craft Bazaar/fund raiser thingy in Oregon the first week of December and she convinced me to send her most of the bows I didn't sell so that she could try to sell them.  I did keep quite a few.  Tegan has more than enough hair accessories now.  My question I even want to try to sell bows off my blog or not? I'd probably wait to see how they sell in December, but I don't know if I even want to at all. I just think I'll probably keep making them because I enjoy it so much, but we don't need anymore, and I would just give them all away as gifts, but then I'd never have the funds to make any more.

Would anybody ever really buy any off this blog?  That is the real question.


Viva los Villezcas said...

I love to BLOG shop...but I never get to blog hop any more, so I would buy from you, but its a really tough market out there! Good Luck! I love your stuff!

bottom_of_the_mirror said...

Maybe you could have your bows featured by someone who sells lots of different things. Like you would be the supplier to a shop or something. Just a thought=)