Ruffles and Pins

This shirt has a pretty big neck, but never looked quite right with a shirt under it.  So, I cut some strips off of an old white t-shirt, and added some ruffles around the neck.  It looks really cute on.  Sorry about the wrinkly shirt. 

This is a pin I made trying a method I learned from a another girl that did the craft show with us.  It's super easy.  You just take a long strip of cloth, cut long and short triangles all across one side of it, sew and ruffle the other side, then twist it into a circle.  This one is pretty big, but hey, it was my first try.  I think they are way cute!

I probably won't have any more projects to post before Christmas.  I'm getting super excited to go somewhere that it actually feels like Christmas.  It's a little bit harder to get into the spirit of things here when it's 70 degrees, and there aren't any stores or anything with all the decorations and music.  Here we come snow and family!! YAY!!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Make it last a little longer.

These pajamas fit Tegan great (the pants are even a little long) except for in the tummy area.  They also had this fringe that had gotten all ratty, so I cut that off, and added some length. 

Much cuter I think, and now they will last longer.

I lengthened this shirt as well.

And of course I had to make a hair clip. 

I also found some navy blue fabric at the thrift store that melts nicely.  Tegan has a navy dress that I never had hair things to go with.  Now I do =0).