Just some patches

Nothing too exciting. 
I had to put some patches on my little girl's pants this time. It seems like my little boy has just grown out of that stage and she has just grown into it =0).  

I chose a colorful pattern in hopes that they can go with lots of different shirts.  

Can't get enough

I can't get enough of these fabric flowers.  Here's a few I've recently made.  I actually got asked to go to mutual last week and teach the Young Women how to make them.  Fun fun.  

I was also asked a little while ago to make these head bands for my friend's little girl.  She was taking pictures and needed them to match outfits.  

 I needed Tegan to have another pair of lacey socks =0), and I added some old black lace to this under cami I wear a lot. 

That's it for now.

Odds and Ends

These are some bows I made for when my sister-in-law was visiting to match some of her little girl's outfits for school.

 This three tone brown one I made for Tegan to match a little brown polkadot dress I got from the thrift store. Love it!

When my mom was visiting many moons ago she would just whip up crocheted stuff for my kids and Tegan's dolls. She was soooo fast.  She asked if she could make me anything, and I said I'd always wanted one of those thick crocheted ear warmers, but I never wanted to spend the money on them.  We found a pattern online and she made if for me in like 10 minutes.  She's amazing!!!

 How do you cuteify summer cut offs?  Just add a little lace.  It should look cute when it ruffles up a little after washing too.

 Here's a posey pin flower I saw and wanted to make. I really like it, but I'd like to try other fabrics and colors as well.

Just a scrap sheer fabric burnt flower pin.

I was able to fly to my little brother's wedding back in May.  My mom told me their reception colors were light pink and green and I wanted to make some flowers to match that I could wear.

Then I made just a white flower ribbon belt to go with whatever I wanted =0).

This is a skirt I grabbed at the thrift store that turned out to be a little too short, so I added a thick white strip at the bottom. I think with the right top (which I don't currently have) it'll look great. 

Interchangeable Shoe Flowers

These I love love love! I did them a while ago, and just never got around to posting.  I wear them ALL the time.  All you need is velcro!  Add one side of the velcro to your shoe or sandal, and the other side to the back of your flower, and WA LA...interchangeable flowers for your shoes.  Then of course you make a hair clip, or pin to match.  

Fun fun fun!

Bows for Gifts

When Tegan gets invited to a birthday party for a friend that is a girl, I usually just make bows for their present.  With all those parties the cost of presents can really add up.  This may take more time, but because I enjoy doing it, and I already have all the stuff, it's totally worth it to me.  Tegan on the other hand, does not love it.  She has said a couple times that she wants to start buying her friends toys instead.  At least I know the moms usually love the bows =0).

Here are a couple sets I managed to take pictures of before we wrapped them up.

These are pins I made for the kid's teachers at the end of school last year.

These are some head bands with interchangeable flowers I made for a baby shower.  They are so awesome.  You make the head band out of tights.  They are so soft and stretchy, I was kicking myself for not knowing how, or trying to do it when Tegan was a baby.  She didn't get hair until she was 2 and all I had were a couple of those thin tight head bands that would squeeze her little head.  I was enjoying it so much I might have a gotten a little carried away =0).

This one is not interchangeable and it's actually made out of an old stretchy shirt. I love it too!

This was another baby shower where I made sure I didn't go too over board.

Shirt to cardigan

  I've been coveting all the cute spring/ruffly cardigans at Down East Basics, but of course I don't have cash just laying around.  I decided to make some of my own out of some shirts I don't really wear because they don't really fit right. 

Here's the pink shirt I said I was refashioning.  I was attempting the collar I saw on the Ruffles and Stuff blog here.  Mine turned out a little different.  It doesn't lay flat like hers.  It kind of ruffled up, but I LOVE it.  How perfectly Spring time. 

This a shirt I previously tried to fix by adding ruffles to the neckline in this post.  It just didn't work, so I took that out, and did this instead.  Fun fun fun!

Now if only the weather would cooperate and decide to stay nice. 

Funky scarf

 I saw this cute scarf online and wanted to try it.  Unfortunately all I had was an old gray t-shirt to use, but I think it still turned out kind of cute.  I pretty much just wanted to try it out.  I don't know that I'll ever wear it.  Josh said "Uh, that doesn't look like a scarf,"  but he's a guy so...=0).  Here's the link on how to do it.  

I'm in the process of refashioning this pink shirt.  It just felt a little small, and I've had it forever. This was the first time I had worn it in probably a couple years so I'm making it into a really cute cardigan.  I'll post pictures when I'm done.  

Cover those stains/bleach spots.

This little shirt had stains and bleach spots on the collar and front.  I simply cut the whole collar off, and added four ruffles I made from some strips of an old white t-shirt.  

Tegan wore it to school yesterday, and it looked super cute. 

 Here's my latest bow.  Running out of supplies, but I think it turned out cute for what I had left laying around =0).  I'm learning the techniques I want.  I just need to buy the materials I actually want...haha.

Happy crafting. =0)

Fabric Flower

I love all the colors of this fabric.  It will go with tons of stuff. 
This was so easy and fast to make.  Fun fun!
Sorry the pictures aren't that great.  I am no photographer.  The colors are even brighter then they look in this picture.


So I finally made another bow.  Love it...it's a new favorite. Tegan wore it to a birthday party she was invited to.  I made her little friend a similar one, along with a few more for her present, but I didn't take pictures before we wrapped them all up.  Hopefully her friend wasn't too disappointed that she got bows instead of toys.

I have done some sewing, but nothing really blog worthy. Mostly mending and stuff.  Here's a pair of Enoch's jeans that got a hole in the knee.  I used a couple of back pockets from a totally thrashed pair of old corduroys. I think it's cute.