Cover those stains/bleach spots.

This little shirt had stains and bleach spots on the collar and front.  I simply cut the whole collar off, and added four ruffles I made from some strips of an old white t-shirt.  

Tegan wore it to school yesterday, and it looked super cute. 

 Here's my latest bow.  Running out of supplies, but I think it turned out cute for what I had left laying around =0).  I'm learning the techniques I want.  I just need to buy the materials I actually want...haha.

Happy crafting. =0)

Fabric Flower

I love all the colors of this fabric.  It will go with tons of stuff. 
This was so easy and fast to make.  Fun fun!
Sorry the pictures aren't that great.  I am no photographer.  The colors are even brighter then they look in this picture.


So I finally made another bow.  Love's a new favorite. Tegan wore it to a birthday party she was invited to.  I made her little friend a similar one, along with a few more for her present, but I didn't take pictures before we wrapped them all up.  Hopefully her friend wasn't too disappointed that she got bows instead of toys.

I have done some sewing, but nothing really blog worthy. Mostly mending and stuff.  Here's a pair of Enoch's jeans that got a hole in the knee.  I used a couple of back pockets from a totally thrashed pair of old corduroys. I think it's cute.