Bows for Gifts

When Tegan gets invited to a birthday party for a friend that is a girl, I usually just make bows for their present.  With all those parties the cost of presents can really add up.  This may take more time, but because I enjoy doing it, and I already have all the stuff, it's totally worth it to me.  Tegan on the other hand, does not love it.  She has said a couple times that she wants to start buying her friends toys instead.  At least I know the moms usually love the bows =0).

Here are a couple sets I managed to take pictures of before we wrapped them up.

These are pins I made for the kid's teachers at the end of school last year.

These are some head bands with interchangeable flowers I made for a baby shower.  They are so awesome.  You make the head band out of tights.  They are so soft and stretchy, I was kicking myself for not knowing how, or trying to do it when Tegan was a baby.  She didn't get hair until she was 2 and all I had were a couple of those thin tight head bands that would squeeze her little head.  I was enjoying it so much I might have a gotten a little carried away =0).

This one is not interchangeable and it's actually made out of an old stretchy shirt. I love it too!

This was another baby shower where I made sure I didn't go too over board.

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