Odds and Ends

These are some bows I made for when my sister-in-law was visiting to match some of her little girl's outfits for school.

 This three tone brown one I made for Tegan to match a little brown polkadot dress I got from the thrift store. Love it!

When my mom was visiting many moons ago she would just whip up crocheted stuff for my kids and Tegan's dolls. She was soooo fast.  She asked if she could make me anything, and I said I'd always wanted one of those thick crocheted ear warmers, but I never wanted to spend the money on them.  We found a pattern online and she made if for me in like 10 minutes.  She's amazing!!!

 How do you cuteify summer cut offs?  Just add a little lace.  It should look cute when it ruffles up a little after washing too.

 Here's a posey pin flower I saw and wanted to make. I really like it, but I'd like to try other fabrics and colors as well.

Just a scrap sheer fabric burnt flower pin.

I was able to fly to my little brother's wedding back in May.  My mom told me their reception colors were light pink and green and I wanted to make some flowers to match that I could wear.

Then I made just a white flower ribbon belt to go with whatever I wanted =0).

This is a skirt I grabbed at the thrift store that turned out to be a little too short, so I added a thick white strip at the bottom. I think with the right top (which I don't currently have) it'll look great. 

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