I'm in love

Laaaaaaaaa....I LOVE this bag!!!!!  
I'm actually kind of surprised I made it.  It's supposed to be for Tegan's little friend, but I'm going to have a really hard time letting it go.  It's like the cutest thing EVER!  I guess at least now I know I can do it.  It just kind of took a really long time....like hours.  

I might have had to buy the thread, but everything else is courtesy of our little senior center thrift store. LOVE that place.  It practically clothes our family, and I always find my fabric and ribbon and stuff there.  I'm just too cheap to buy everything at full price.  Oh, I lied...the very bottom ruffle is from fabric my mom gave me. Thanks mom =0).

It's a simple little tote.  No pockets or anything.

I even just did a straight seem at the bottom because I'm not smart enough to design anything else.  That's when you have to start using math and measurements, and I just make it all up as I go.

Here's the scripture tote I made for Tegan a while ago.  So not exciting or impressive after the ADORABLE ruffle bag =0P.  It probably needs better handles, and has just a plain pocket in the front.

I did manage to do a rectangular bottom for this one.

Thanks for looking!  

I'm still alive

 So, I have actually done quite a few projects in the past few months...I just haven't blogged about it.  So sorry =0(.  The reason for not posting the projects is because I didn't take pictures of them.  The reason for not taking pictures of them is because I'm lazy.  A lot of it I'd have to have on to get a good picture of what it looks like, and I hate posing for pictures.

Let me see if I can remember what I've done:

I've added an extra layer to a too short skirt.  I've made myself a slip with the thick eyelet lace that shows under your dress (SUPER CUTE).  I made a cardigan with a navy blue shirt I cut down the front and added white ruffles around it.  I made Tegan a scripture tote.  Uh, I'm sure there's more.  I just can't think of anymore right now.  If I wandered around my room I'm sure I cold find something else.  Basically I will probably just skip those unless somebody actual cares and wants me to take pictures of them.  

This week is teacher appreciation week.  For their gifts I made them flower pins and clips.  You've already seen my flowers, but I was very pleased with my packaging =0).  One is for my friend's birthday.  The other is for Tegan's teacher.

I only made the pins for Enoch's teacher because she is quite a bit older, and I don't imagine she'll want flowers for her hair. The school colors are blue and gold...incase you were wondering.

Oh, I just took a picture of this because I thought it was funny.  I grabbed these shoes at the thrift store for 50 cents.  When I got them home I realized they had "BRATZ" on the side of them.  I don't even let Tegan get those dolls, and she's never watched the show either.  I mean seriously...it's called "BRATZ".   Anyway, she then pointed out the fact that they were immodest, so I grabbed my permanent marker and added sleeves, or shrugs.  I think it looks much better that way =0).

I've got to make a ruffle bag for a birthday this weekend.  Tegan gave her bows last year, so I can't do that again, but we don't have the money to keep buying birthday presents for every party the kids get invited to.  Sheesh.

Now to attempt to update the family blog....months of pictures to go through.