I'm in love

Laaaaaaaaa....I LOVE this bag!!!!!  
I'm actually kind of surprised I made it.  It's supposed to be for Tegan's little friend, but I'm going to have a really hard time letting it go.  It's like the cutest thing EVER!  I guess at least now I know I can do it.  It just kind of took a really long time....like hours.  

I might have had to buy the thread, but everything else is courtesy of our little senior center thrift store. LOVE that place.  It practically clothes our family, and I always find my fabric and ribbon and stuff there.  I'm just too cheap to buy everything at full price.  Oh, I lied...the very bottom ruffle is from fabric my mom gave me. Thanks mom =0).

It's a simple little tote.  No pockets or anything.

I even just did a straight seem at the bottom because I'm not smart enough to design anything else.  That's when you have to start using math and measurements, and I just make it all up as I go.

Here's the scripture tote I made for Tegan a while ago.  So not exciting or impressive after the ADORABLE ruffle bag =0P.  It probably needs better handles, and has just a plain pocket in the front.

I did manage to do a rectangular bottom for this one.

Thanks for looking!  

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