Nest Necklace

It was my friend's birthday the other day, and I've been wanting to make a bird's nest necklace for a long time.  The only problem, I didn't have the right stuff, and I live in such a small town that you can't find any jewelry making supplies.  Well, I made do. I found the only wire I had (pretty thin stuff), and used it all up.  I think it turned out pretty cute under the circumstances.  I have since bought the right kind of wire, so maybe I'll have to post a picture when I've made another.

Lengthening Slip

Here is the slip I made to put under my dresses that are just a tad too short for comfort when you're doing anything other than standing straight up.  
SUPER EASY!  First you need a slip (grabbed one at the thrift store).  Then some sort of lace or fabric.  I wanted eyelet lace, and just bought the already ruffled, thick stuff from the fabric store. them together =0).
 I wear it with a lot of different dresses.  It lengthens and adds a little extra cuteness to the outfit.
Now I just need some new shoes =0P.