Little bit of everything

I had said I'd post when I made some more nest necklaces.  The top one I made for me, and the other two I made for a couple friend's birthdays. I made Tegan one too, but no picture.  Looks just like the others =).

This was a dress I had cut the top off of to try and make into a skirt for me, but it just didn't look quite right so I made it into a little dress for Tegan.  I just sewed several rows around it with elastic thread so that it naturally gathered, and sewed on some ribbon straps.  

Tegan needed an outfit for her May day dance at school. They did the Mexican Hat Dance.  She insisted she needed a solid color ruffle shirt, BIG skirt, and big flower for her hair.  I took a plain white shirt and sewed a couple different types of eyelet lace on the bottom, sleeves, and in 3 rows of ruffles on the front.
I found a women's skirt at the thrift store that was already fairly big and flowey, but to make it even bigger I cut slits in it and sewed white triangles into it. 
For the large flower I just grabbed some fake ones at the thrift store, took them apart, and layered the different colors, and put an old button in the middle.

I had promised my sister-in-law some baby headbands out of children's tights (so soft and stretchy...seriously wish I had known about them when Tegan was a baby), and I had a baby shower to go to so I spent a few hours one day finishing those up.  I forget how long it really does take to make this stuff. 
I've never taken a picture of how many bows Tegan has.  I thought I'd show you how much I like bows...haha. She's got a bow wall.

My favorite thing to do when I give people little loaves of bread is put a piece of cute paper, and ribbon, and sometimes a little note or tag around it. Makes it that much nicer.  I totally stole the idea from a friend, so I can't take any credit for the idea.
This bread is not as pretty, but it's one of my FAVORITE kinds and it's so easy so I thought I'd share.  It's actually just any regular white bread recipe, but you roll it out and cover it with peanut butter chips and roll it up.  It's SOOOO good.  I don't make it very often because I eat way too much of it.

Tegan had to do a recycled goods project for school, and she chose the pan magnet board.  We used an "old" pan.  I actually would have kept using it, but the one I had grabbed at the thrift store wasn't magnetic, so I swapped them out.  The hubby drilled a couple holes, then she painted it pink, mod podged the paper on, and we added some bling on the sides.  She did great, and it turned out super cute!
For the magnets we used old (recycled) clip on earrings, and just hot glued the magnets on.