Fancy Hair Clips

So I tried my hand at some fancier hair clips.  I had some tulle, and a couple flowers and beads I had picked up at the thrift store a while ago.  I think that they turned out really pretty.
The first two are kind of a cream/off-white color, and the last one is white. 

This shows the size a little better.  I imagine them with a curly up-do or hair down and curly with one side back, and pinned in kind of sideways with the tulle and beads going back.  I should take pictures of them in actual hair, but that would require me getting picture ready, and finding a time my husband can be my photographer =).
This last one is my favorite. 

Exciting News!

I have a friend here in the Valley that opened a Flower and Gift Shop.  It's exactly the kind of place to sell the kinds of things I make.  I really struggled with wether or not I should even say anything, but finally decided I'd just mention to her that I make bows, and bags, and jewelry and stuff.  I didn't hear from her for a long time (she was sooooo busy with the opening and everything) that I figured she just wasn't interested.  After a few weeks though, she said she did want me to come in and show her some stuff.  So I took a TON of stuff...a little bit of everything I make, and she picked out some she wanted to buy.  

I'm so excited to have actually sold some of my stuff.  The only other time I've tried was at a craft fair. Other than that I've just given things as gifts, and Tegan has more hair things than she could possibly wear =).  

Here's the few things I was able to sell.
Including this white infinity scarf and flower pin, but she already had the perfect place for it, so this is just a picture of my extra one at home.
As of right now she only wanted a few more things.  Three more of each of these.
You can use them as a hair clip or pin.
And a couple more owl nest necklaces. This time with earrings too. 

We'll see how stuff sells, and maybe in the future she'll want some more, or different things.  EXCITING!

Ruffle Totes

I had made this little ruffle tote quite a while ago for Tegan's little friend's birthday.
I told Tegan I'd make her one too, but I never did =(.

Finally, a year later I decided to make some more.  They are a little bit bigger, and the ruffles are thinner, but I still think they turned out pretty cute. 
This one is for Tegan.
Her pink desk and chair make the perfect place for a picture.
This turned into two more.  One for me =), and one to show someone to possibly sell...which I did (more on that in my next post).  
On these I added a flower clip that can come off with the extra ruffled fabric I had.  

They are super cute, but boy do they take a long time to make.  I ruffled all the fabric by hand, but someone told me my life would be a lot easier if I buy a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. I'm definitely going to have to look into that.  

Infinity Scarves

Ok, so when I figure out how to do something I tend to go a little crazy.  When I realized how easy it is to make infinity scarves, and looked at all the fabric I had laying around I ended up making like 13.  A couple were regular scarves I already had but never wore because I didn't like how they hung, and one is an old skirt, but the rest were different kinds of fabric.   
 Some of the fabric is more stiff than others, but they still look cute. The pink and yellow one is pink on one side and yellow on the other and then you twist it a little to get bother colors.
 A few of them are shorter, or thicker, and look better long.
How do I hang all these new scarves?  Found this niffty idea on pinterest...shower curtain ring thingies. Nice eh?
So I actually made double of a few of them so if you want one let me know =).