Exciting News!

I have a friend here in the Valley that opened a Flower and Gift Shop.  It's exactly the kind of place to sell the kinds of things I make.  I really struggled with wether or not I should even say anything, but finally decided I'd just mention to her that I make bows, and bags, and jewelry and stuff.  I didn't hear from her for a long time (she was sooooo busy with the opening and everything) that I figured she just wasn't interested.  After a few weeks though, she said she did want me to come in and show her some stuff.  So I took a TON of stuff...a little bit of everything I make, and she picked out some she wanted to buy.  

I'm so excited to have actually sold some of my stuff.  The only other time I've tried was at a craft fair. Other than that I've just given things as gifts, and Tegan has more hair things than she could possibly wear =).  

Here's the few things I was able to sell.
Including this white infinity scarf and flower pin, but she already had the perfect place for it, so this is just a picture of my extra one at home.
As of right now she only wanted a few more things.  Three more of each of these.
You can use them as a hair clip or pin.
And a couple more owl nest necklaces. This time with earrings too. 

We'll see how stuff sells, and maybe in the future she'll want some more, or different things.  EXCITING!

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