Infinity Scarves

Ok, so when I figure out how to do something I tend to go a little crazy.  When I realized how easy it is to make infinity scarves, and looked at all the fabric I had laying around I ended up making like 13.  A couple were regular scarves I already had but never wore because I didn't like how they hung, and one is an old skirt, but the rest were different kinds of fabric.   
 Some of the fabric is more stiff than others, but they still look cute. The pink and yellow one is pink on one side and yellow on the other and then you twist it a little to get bother colors.
 A few of them are shorter, or thicker, and look better long.
How do I hang all these new scarves?  Found this niffty idea on pinterest...shower curtain ring thingies. Nice eh?
So I actually made double of a few of them so if you want one let me know =).


Melanie Maxfield said...

Those are sooo adorable!! I love the idea to hang them like that in the closet. AND I do NOT want to hear anymore whining about you being fat and gaining weight. Look at your TINY little waist. Happy Birthday!

Lorri Rust said...

These are darling!! Will you teach me how to make them? I would love them for Noelle's wedding. I am particularly fond of the pink/yellow combo scarf and can envision coral & mint green. SO CUTE!

Kenya Anderson said...
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Kenya Anderson said...

I want one in every color and pattern imaginable! Better get to work! ;-P