I've been happily busy

I was happy to help a good friend of mine make some flower clips and pins for her daughter's wedding.  She had me come over to show her how to make the infinity scarves and I said they looked really good when you pinned on a flower too.  It's much more fun to make stuff when you're handed the beautiful fabric and know what you're doing it for.  Just thankful I could be a small part of their special day. 

A couple more nest necklaces I made for someone with an order for a couple more from other people.
The improved peas in a pod necklace.  I've got an order for another one of these too. 
So much better than my first attempt.
 Super simple key necklace.  I love it.
Fancier key necklace with earrings.

I think this hair clip/pin is so elegant and simple.  Love old buttons =).

These are the High School colors, and their mascot is a Pirate.
I had sold the other birthday streamer pony so I made Tegan a new one.
I found this super cute owl ribbon, so I had to make another one with that.  
You don't even have to have long hair.  I think they looks so cute just on the side too.

I made my first apron.  I think it turned out pretty cute.
 I like that it's fully lined in the back.

I was able to meet with my shop owner friend again to give her the stuff she had asked for (Patriotic, yellow, and denim flower clips, and owl necklaces with earrings). I showed her some of the other stuff I'd made and she wanted all that too (the bridal clips, other necklaces, school streamer pony tail holders, and even the above apron). It was a GOOD day =).  It's like a dream come true for me to be able to make this stuff and sell it to a shop.  

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