Back from one family reunion...and not enjoying the heat...bleh.  I was lazy most of the week trying to recuperate, but yesterday and today I worked on the few orders I had.  So awesome that people have been asking me to make stuff for them that they've seen on Facebook.  I even had one lady that lives in CA that saw a necklace through her niece's Facebook page and ordered one.

These I knew were going to be gifts to people, so I attempted to kind of package them so I wasn't just handing them a necklace.

Then I finally made some for myself.  No, I hadn't yet =).  I've got the pink and the blue bead for my two peas in a pod.  Tegan saw it and asked if I could make one that was pink and purple for me and her in a pod.  Sweet heart!
 My nest of two little eggs. Doesn't fill it up as much as other nests, but I'm pretty happy with it =).

Just some simple black bird earrings. 
A friend asked if I'd make these for her.  She's redecorating her daughter's room and is going to glue them onto a box I think. 

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Grammie said...

Telisha, you are sooooo talented. I hadn't looked at your blog for a long time and I'm really impressed. Just so you know, I wore my nest necklace and earrings on Sunday and had several compliments. One of my friends asked if I had gotten it on my trip to Italy! love you, kathy